We manufacture many types of brushes used in wood processing. These brushes are used to process hardwood, softwood, plywood, particle board, lumber, chips, paper, furniture, pulp and other forest products. Fill materials commonly used in wood processing are wire, natural bristles, and vegetable fibers. We also offer a wide range of synthetics, including nylon impregnated with abrasive silicon carbide.

Spiral Coils

Spiral coil brushes are made by forming a strip brush into a coil shape. These lightweight brush coils are available with installation kits and include a mounting shaft. They are used in a wide range of operating RPM’s, sizes, materials and densities. Recommended applications include: pre-coating, coating, polishing, staining, dusting and texturing.

Spiral Wound on Core

When a strip brush is wrapped around and secured to a core it forms a cylindrical brush. These brushes are designed for high speed applications that require constant brush pressure and contact. Brush densities and coil pitch can be varied to provide the perfect brushing action for staining, sanding, dusting, de-nubbing, polishing, etc.

Split Core

Straight brush strips are locked into a split aluminum core to form a paddle wheel effect. This construction creates a flicking action and allows the brush to conform to irregular surfaces. Split core brushes are particularly good for the removal of bulky material and also assist in dust control when a vacuum is used.