The finest-grade nylon and abrasive nylon filaments are used in conjunction with a special brush designed to ensure effective brushing action and long brush life.

Filament Tilt

Brush filament is tilted toward the direction of rotation, creating a chiseling effect for more effective cleaning or peeling of produce.

Strip Tilt

Brush coils are tilted from the entrance end towards the discharge end of the brush. This encourages produce rotation and migration to provide more effective brushing.

Filament Retention

Brush filament is firmly held in a metal channel with a locking wire to eliminate filament loss. A special bonding agent is added to prevent the filament from shifting in the channel during operation. This improves performance and extends the life of the brush.

Minimum “Set Back”

The “Set Back” is the open area between the end of the core and where the brush begins. IBC brushes are manufactured to provide the minimum “Set Back”, eliminating product loss.