IBC’s vehicle washing brushes are manufactured using premium quality materials and precise manufacturing techniques to provide a long brush life and trouble free performance.

  • Brush sections are mounted one on top of the other to produce a brush column.
  • Brush sections can be color coded to ensure each is installed in the correct position on the column.
  • Each color represents a different brush with a specific filament and density with specific washing characteristics.
  • The combination of brushes, using various filaments and densities, ensures the correct washing action for each vehicle surface. This provides optimum cleaning action without damage to vehicles.

Split Core Design

Straight brush strips are factory assembled and locked into an aluminum core to form brush halves. The two halves offer easy installation and form a balanced rotary brush ensuring gentle cleaning action and long brush life.

Brush Densities

To ensure smooth and effective operation, brushes are available in a range of fill densities from light to extra heavy. Two core models are used, an IBC sales representative can assist you to determine which to use for you application.

  • TG-20 contains 20 strips for light to normal duty.
  • TG-36 contains 36 strips for heavier duty and cushion cores.

Cushion Core  

These brush strips have shorter, stiffer filaments distributed among the primary washing filaments. This creates a cushioning effect, controls brush penetration and produces optimum washing results.


Brushes can be tapered and contoured to accommodate any specific or unusual vehicle style

Brush Washing Materials


This is our most popular filament for vehicle washing. Circuleen is a synthetic copolymer with low wax content. It resists streaking and hazing and provides a soft yet thorough cleaning. The hollow design of this filament resists tangling and provides strength without causing damage. Circuleen is recommended for cleaning plastic windows.


This was the first synthetic to be widely used in the vehicle washing industry. It is an extremely tough polyethylene based synthetic which provides excellent durability and a gentle washing action. Circulex filament has a high wax content and without proper liberation can cause streaking and hazing. It is not recommended for use on windows for this reason.


Flagging is the process of mechanically cutting and fluffing the tips of individual filaments to soften the brush. This naturally occurs over time as a brush wears. However, to enjoy best performance from a new brush, flagging is recommended. Flagging is only available with Circuleen and Circulex filament.

Other Materials

Tampico is a natural fiber with an oval shape. It is used in vehicle washing because it is water absorbent and has excellent cleaning results. It has a shorter life than synthetics. Tampico is available in brush diameters of less than 36 inches.

Nylon and polypropylene are synthetic materials that are sometimes used as substitutes for Tampico since they are more durable. These materials are not recommended for brush diameters larger than 36 inches because the have a tendency to tangle.