Conveyer Brushes

IBC conveyor cleaning brushes solve maintenance and downtime problems by removing unwanted buildup. A complete line is available to solve specific problems in cleaning wet, dry, sticky or caked buildup from mesh, belt, slat or rod conveyors.

Spiral Coils

Spiral coil brushes are used in a wide range of operating RPM’s, sizes, materials, and densities to satisfy a variety of applications. Lightweight brush coils are available with installation kits, which include the mounting shaft.

Spiral Wound on Core

IBC’s spiral wound cylinder brushes are designed for high-speed applications that require constant brush pressure and contact for thorough cleaning. Brush densities and coil pitch can be varied to provide vigorous cleaning action for removing dried, hard-caked, or sticky accumulations.

Split Core

Straight brush strips are locked into an aluminum core to form a paddle-wheel effect. This construction creates a flicking action and allows the brush to conform to irregular surfaces. Split core brushes give an aggressive slapping action which is particularly good for the removal of bulky material and assists in dust control when a vacuum is used.

Brush Strips and Rubber Scrapers

Metal backed brush strips and rubber scrapers are used where a power source is not available or where the area for installation is extremely restricted. Scrapers are generally used to remove loose materials on flat to relatively flat surfaces.