Circuit Board Brushes

Circuit board brushes feature aluminum construction for maximum durability without excess weight. The spiral-wound design permanently locks brush filaments into a channel to prevent filament loss. Brushes are precision trimmed to maintain uniform surface finishes. To meet the increasing surface preparation requirements of the PCB industry, IBC offers the complete range of impregnated nylon filament in grit sizes from 180 to 500.

Bristle for Deburring   Brushes with grits of 180, 240 and 320 quickly and effectively remove drilled hole burrs. The self-cleaning action of these brushes preserves the integrity of the hole.

Bristle for Scrubbing   Brushes with grits of 320, 500 and 600 are ideal for heavy scrubbing and cleaning. Typical applications include copper scrubbing, tin lead cleaning, oxidation removal, and surface preparation for resist adhesion.

Light-Duty Cleaning Non-abrasive nylon filament brushes are available for light-duty or final cleaning.

Non-Woven Abrasive Wheels

Non-woven abrasive circuit board wheels ensure the most effective PCB processing results. Abrasive material is carefully applied to a corrosion-resistant core with high tolerances to achieve optimal rotational balance.  Plastic wrapping of the wheels prevents contamination during handling and installation.

Compressed Disk for Light Duty Processing

These abrasive discs, with uniform grit distribution, are tightly compressed onto a corrosion resistant core. Rigid edges facilitate full width and uniform cleaning action for ideal surface preparation and reduction of wear on backup rollers. A full range of grit sizes is available for applications such as light copper scrubbing, oxidation removal and preparation for proper resist adhesion.

Pumice Scrubber Brushes   

Pumice scrubber brushes are manufactured with precision-trimmed, fine-diameter nylon filament to ensure even and consistent brushing action. For fine line circuitry, optimum surface preparation can be achieved even on thin inner layers.